DFChat, Chat Module for Dragonfly CMS
Friday, December 26, 2008 (22:26:45)

Posted by Admin1

Today we launched the Chat module for DragonflyCMS, under the name DFChat.

As you can download here:

Download of Chat module for DragonFly CMS

The main features are:
- Installing Quickly (2 minutes)
- Easy to users (good usability)
- Languages Spanish and English by default
- Consumes few resources
-It has a version "Light", called "Minichat" that lets you navigate through the rest of the site, while still participating in the chat.
- Beta Version, to improve as we see that people have needs

You can try and download from WebNaranja

Examples of sites that are already use it:
LosViajeros: Chat Travel
Google Earth: Chat Google Earth

And many more ... soon.
Download DF-Chat

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